Short Bio

My name is Nino Kadić, I’m 26 years old and I come from Zagreb, Croatia. My philosophical journey began in high school, where I was first introduced to the great Ancient Greek thinkers. Feeling inspired – particularly by Heraclitus – I applied to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in (mostly continental) philosophy. After that, I finished my Master’s degree at Central European University, where I worked with Philip Goff as my supervisor, shifting completely to contemporary analytic philosophy. Currently, I’m an AHRC-funded doctoral student in philosophy at King’s College London, working with Matthew Soteriou.

Research Interests

I’m particularly drawn to odd, unorthodox and systematic philosophical theories. Panpsychism, the view that consciousness is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of reality, will probably be the most common topic that I’ll discuss here. Pantheism, the view that God is the universe or that the divine permeates the universe, will likely be the second most common topic. Apart from that, I’m also interested in the metaphysics of powers, properties and relations. In a broader sense, my three main areas are the philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion and metaphysics. My philosophical side-interests lie in ancient, early modern, moral and political philosophy.

The Purpose of this Blog

My aim is to write brief and accessible philosophy articles with the goal of engaging a broader audience (as opposed to just other academics). If you look to the right, you’ll see two boxes for my Facebook page and group on panpsychism, respectively. Those were my first attempts to engage a wider community in a philosophical discussion on panpsychism, having now grown to a somewhat considerable size. This blog is just an extension and expansion of the same idea, with more topics, interaction and content. Rather than just being a personal blog, my hope is that it will become a valuable resource, a platform for conversation, and a community – no matter the size – of people interested in consciousness, divinity and metaphysics.